P A R Y & Co
P A R Y & CO


P A R Y & Co.’s vision is to nurture a professional firm which is competitive, dynamic and focused as a team leader in the area of its operation and establish as one among the highly respected firms in India and by expanding globally.

P A R Y & Co. tend to achieve this through our fair business practices and we are committed to highest level of ethics and integrity. This is evident from the quality with which we complete our work.

Excellence, Integrity and Independence, the Motto of our Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, is the ultimate principles of the firm in all its professional commitments.

  • To emerge as one of the top 10 financial service providers locally and globally.
  • Exploring new business opportunities across various geographies and business segments.
  • Ensuring Client focuses on its core business and spends least time and money in performing business support functions, thereby maximizing its business and profitability.
  • Develop a pool of unique talent and stimulate the participation of CA professionals equally in the growth story of Indian Economy.
  • To assist the professionals of developing and under developed countries for the overall growth of their respective countries.
  • P A R Y & Co. wants to contributes in achieving the greater heights in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility