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The quality of information is an increasing concern in today’s scenario especially to the companies, which depend more on this to take decisions. P A R Y & Co. through it’s Audit Division (System), ensures that the resources within the organization is put to optimum use and maximum value is delivered through increase staff performance and minimizing the waste. Further, it ensure that whether Data / Information / Process / Systems & Other assets are Secured-Properly protected against unauthorized access-Physical as well Logical. For smooth conduct of audit & achieving the desired results in available timeframe, our Audit Division (System), IT Division & QCS Division has developed System Audit Toolkit.

The safety and security of the system and the data back up is gaining prime importance. Effective and updated information system with ever increasing quality, easier use, higher functionality and ever improving service skills is considered as valuable asset by the companies which work on the rapidly changing work environment. We at P A R Y ensure proper implementation of security policy of an entity at all levels.

The risk associated with the implementation of this new I.T. system can be recognized and managed effectively. For that our Audit Division (System) assist the clients in the following manner:

    • Conducting system audit of I.T. Division of organisation at regular interval.
    • Analysis the existing systems for smooth change over to EDP/ERP system by suggesting the areas of improvements, standardization and analysis of results through parallel run.
    • Point out the shortcomings and suggest the security & safety measures at I.T. Division.
    • Formalization of Service outsourcing policies, Agreements, MoU and other allied matters relates thereto.