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About Bookkeeping


Since the last twenty years, P A R Y & Co. through its Accounts Division maintained Books of Accounts (BoA) for SME Sector of India and try to made it’s life easier by assisting them with outsourced accountancy & data management. Our outsourced accounts processing and outsourced data processing business models are developed to make things convenient for our clients.

We believe that the BoA of an entity is a history of all its transactions & events, which took place in a year. On the basis of this concept, we have developed our Accounts division. Therefore, our service is accurate, dependable and flexible enough to stay aligned to the preferences of our clients. Professionals at Accounts Division of   P A R Y possess in-depth knowledge of Indian GAAP, US GAAP, IAS and IFRS to deliver the final outcome (i.e.,BoA) as required by the management, Auditors and other parties of an entity interested therein.

We at P A R Y adopt the world-class norms with regard to receiving, retention, data processing and handing over of documents/information/data. All workflow is monitored, receipts confirmed, and our regular progress updates give you peace of mind. Our endeavour – Efficient communication, meeting deadlines and a friendly service.
At PARY we try to make our client feel that we are a part of their setup, only located some distance away.

Book keeping Accounts processing- bookkeeping management accounts and final accounts preparation is our core expertise. We use Tally, Busy, QuickBooks, VT, or any software of your choice.