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Tax Litigation Cell

We at P A R Y & Co. provide complete solutions relates to the matters of settlement of Income Tax Problems or Disputes of Income Tax Department of India. If you have any problems with your tax returns, don't go through the uncertainty and distress, as there is various democratic ways available in Income Tax Act, 1961 of India to resolve all the issues relates to your Income Tax returns. We have a dedicated Tax & Regulatory Division with experienced staff to guide our clients with helpful assistance. We are providing following services, even if we didn't prepare client’s return:

  • We offer a Free consultation informing client’s about their options
  • We explain them about the implications of notices or any correspondence from the Income Tax Department
  • We assist them in preparing the replies to the queries raised by the Income Tax Department on various issued relates to income declared or deductions/exemptions claimed by them in their tax return.
  • Representative of P A R Y & Co. will accompany the client/appear on their behalf before Assessing officer/Appellate bodies/Settlement Commissions to answer questions concerning the income declared or deductions/exemptions claimed in their tax return as their legal representative.
  • We'll respond to any government inquiries or requests on their behalf, as their legal representatives.
  • As a matter of transparency, we provide a fee estimate prior to commencing of our professional services.

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