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Outsource of Accounting Process


The BPO industry has amply demonstrated that any work done in front of a computer on a desk anywhere in the world can move to lower cost center in the world. The outsourcing has rendered lucrative saving to entities & has converted their cost centers into profit centers. Outsourcing of accounting & tax functions is not just done due to ensuing cost savings, but due to excellent quality of work being done by the service provider firm.

India is an offshore capital of the world. India has emerged as a leading low-cost supplier of services to global majors. The other consideration is the dramatic improvement in productivity due to process re-engineering & application of information technology. There is also a perception that the quality of service from India is superior because of a better work force. A combination of factors such as low staff cost, a large pool of English & Western thinking people, as well as India time zone, position India an increasing popular choice of outsourcing.

PARY & Co. through its Outsource Division offers management services with specialization in Business Process Outsourcing in general & preparation of Tax returns & Accounting, in particular. We understand the matrix of the BPO business & have already made profitable roads therein. Systems & procedures are duly drawn up to provide the services in an efficient timely & professional manner & to ensure that there is no leakage or misuse of data available for processing. Systems & Procedures are subjected to periodic review.

We provide assurance in quality of output, timely delivery, and skills up gradation & honoring of commitments & are always preferred for price, quality, proficiency & compatibility.

Our team includes Certified Public Accountants, Chartered Accountants and Management experts with a vision and experience to carry out all types of tasks in the fields of Taxation, Accounting & Audit. Our dedicated team is well trained in the U.S. Tax Laws & accounting Regulations.
CPA firms in the US are the major beneficiaries of our back office operations who can prepare more returns at a less cost without the need to hire additional people during tax seasons.