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Frequently Asked Questions on Book Keeping

Ques.1 How do we send the source documents & information to Outsource Division of P A R Y & Co.?

Ans.1  All you need to do is to scan the requisite documents, save it and then send it to us through e-mail or put it up on our server. The process is simple and does not require employing technical staff.

Ques.2 What is the Response time per return?
Ans.2 Outsource Division of P A R Y & CO. average turn around time is two to three business days.

Ques.3 How is my data secured?
Ans.3 Outsource Division of P A R Y & CO.   values and respects the privacy and confidentiality of all information transmitted. The information is always encrypted and then sent through secure channels on the internet.

Ques.4 What is the training mechanism in place?
Ans.4 Outsource Division of P A R Y & CO. has CPA’s & Chartered Accountants and who are trained in depth in US Tax Laws. We have continuous training and upgrading programs and CPA’s from the US are assigned to regularly train our preparers located offshore, using case studies and other developmental tools.

Ques.5 How do I keep track of information sent and endue the quality of the return?
Ans.5 The information we receive from you is sent electronically and the hard copy of files stays in your office. Once we complete the returns and transmit it to you, we will not retain any information sent unless specifically told by you to do so.

Ques.6 What is the Final Product that Outsource Division of P A R Y & CO. will transmit back to us?
Ans.6 Outsource Division of P A R Y & CO. will use the source documents sent by you to prepare a Federal & State Tax Return. Once the return is completed, we will send you an e-mail and you may download the files & the returns after decrypting the same. In the case of tax returns, we would be sending you Form 1040 & State Return with the relevant schedules and work papers showing our calculation.

In case of Book-keeping all information that comes to us is posted to the general ledger & matched against the no. of entries sent by you.

Ques.7 Would I need a technical staff to carry out this process?
Ans.7 The whole process of Outsourcing is to save cost. All that is required is to use an administrative person to scan documents, save it and then send saved file to us in an e-mail or put it up on a server. We process the information for you & send it across to you. We will provide requisite technical assistance to help facilitate the process.

Ques.8 What is the benefits of outsourcing certain finance functions of your clients?
Ans.8 Outsourcing will assist you in obtaining timely & accurate information, getting the best of latest technology, reducing costs, focusing on your core competencies & freeing resources to concentrate investment in core areas, obtaining answers to a larger number of skilled personnel at reduced cost.

Ques.9 What is the benefit of associating with Outsource Division of P A R Y & CO.?
Ans.9 We offer you cost savings with the same level of quality. Your costs will reduce by 40% to 60%. It allows you to reduce seasonal hiring & training of personnel. We offer a fast turnaround time due to time zone differences. We ensure security of data & offer you the advantages of the latest simplified web based technology. Our services allow you to process a larger number of returns in lesser time. Our services ensure that your professionals are freed up to devote their time & creative energy to other strategic areas of your business.