P A R Y & Co
P A R Y & CO

Financial Analysis


Our qualified experiences staff analyse financial statements and records, as per specifications and guidelines of clients and to provide with reliable resources for analysis for making important business decisions.

At P A R Y our expert team of professionals analysing Financial Statements & present the results in the desired format. We do it after in depth research, analysis & brain storming seasons and only after that presenting our final reports, which provides a complete and comprehensive financial picture.

We extract vital company performance indicators (Ratios, sensitivity, returns etc.) by analysing balance sheets, income statements, cash flows and present them in the client suggested formats. We search through prospectus, offer documents for relevant information needed by investors and summaries all vital issues in an easy to understand manner.

Our financial outsourcing services are used by Financial Institutions & Banks, Fund managers, Broking houses & Investors. Our Financial Analysis team of professionals offers the following services to the clients:

Analysis of financial statements

Analysis of Prospectus, Offer Documents

Analysis of Portfolio structures

Financial Research & Analysis Outsource

MIS Reporting

Computerisation of Manual Accounting

Cash Flow and Profit Forecasts

Tracking of Account Receivables

Corporate financial statements
P A R Y ensure our clientele about our dependable back office, which provide exceptional accounting and financial research outsourcing services, on which they can trust, for thorough analysis, research and systematic reporting.