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Corporate finance is an area of finance dealing with the financial decisions and the tools including analytical reviews used to make these decisions. The primary goal of corporate finance is to maximize corporate value while reducing the firm's financial risks and cost thereof.

In the study of corporate finance it is important to analyze the long term, short term decisions that are taken in the corporate sector. We at P A R Y & Co. analysis the basis of forecasting for projected figures as per the provisions of auditing and assurance standards recommended by ICAI.

The team of professional experts at P A R Y & Co. in corporate finance matters would provide its services in accessing new markets, assets, technologies, personnel, intellectual property and sources of finance. We can also help you to restructure the asset base of your business by disposing of underperforming assets or non-core parts of the business.

P A R Y & Co. offers a complete solution to our client’s objectives through market research. We have an extensive network of investors and funding institutions and group of corporate associates.

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